Our most basic and important core value is Integrity. We tell the truth. Our proven accomplishments is the best proof of our merit. We do not make commitments lightly. So you can be sure that when we make a commitment, we will do everything within our power and completely devote ourselves to fulfilling that commitment. We work within the strict guidelines of the law, with the upmost respect for the intellectual property rights of others and never slander our competitors. We maintain consistent, impartial attitude towards our vendors. Under no circumstances do we tolerate any form of corrupt behaviour or politicking. Each new employee we focus on the candidates’ character and qualifications not connections or access.


The welfare of shareholders, employees, suppliers, customers and society is of high importance to GrappleKing. The success of GrappleKing is a direct result of all the above mentioned stakeholders. GrappleKing is dedicated to serving their best interests. In return, GrappleKing hopes all these stakeholders will make a mutual commitment to the Company.


The birth and lifeblood of GrappleKing is innovation and it is highly integrated into all the aspect of our business. At GrappleKing we put our ideas to practice; which leads to further innovation of our business. We try to constantly innovate all aspects of our business from strategic planning, marketing, management, to technology and manufacturing.

Customer Trust

Every single one of our customers come first. The success of our customers means success for GrappleKing. This is the reason why we aim to develop deep and long lasting relationships with our customers, we know that they rely on GrappleKing to further the success of their own business.